Micro mini meet with mailittlealien

Thanks for hanging out Mai chan! ^o^ It was good to see you and your doll folks, and I still cannot get over how beautiful your Momiji Momoko chan is in person — my photos does not do her justice AT ALL O_O

Seriously, she’s like 300% more beautiful in person I swear!

She has eyelashes which actually sticks out XD (for lack of better description ^^;) and very tiny glittery feeling on her make up! o_o

It was good to have some Chicco parfait as well ^o^

I brought Taiga Mk II lol and Mokotan :3

Mokotan wants to be put back on the ground LOL

It was unfortunately more rainy than the forecast, I was a little disappointed (stupid trolling weather :P) so I ended up going to disturb Mai at her place XP lol. Taiga stole I mean borrowed Saber Lily chan’s new wig, KAWAII! It makes her look like a little kid :P

What is Taiga chan plotting? World domination?

Mokotan found a tiny frog to play with XD!

Thanks again Mai chan <3!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      yes Mokotan is a Mamachapp :) mamachapp body is obitsu 21-23cm they pose okay, my girl’s waist is a bit floppy and loose ^^; I pasted a masking tape over her waist for a long time now :P their body can be replaced tho~!

    • chun
      chun says:

      haha hmm it does :P it feels like her head got flatten ^^; and yah Momoko’s hair reminds me a little of a poodle lol suits her tho!

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