Sakura hunting with Himitsu~!

The weather turned out quite nice on Saturday afternoon and we decided last minute to go Sakura hunting and got bluestarbaby to come with us.

Himitsu and Hitomi on a date? lol! Himitsu and Hitomi hung out before XD

Hitomi with Tsun tsun Taiga :3

lol didn’t change Taiga’s clothes from the day before, Taiga not pleased ^^;

There was a couple doll meets being planned out over the weekend and I wasn’t sure if we were going for both days, we ended up catching some of the doll peeps about to leave when we arrived at Queen Elizabeth park :P

After walking around and only finding loads of bare patches, finally found the trees which actually are blooming ^^; Hitomi looks like an ojouchan! ^o^

Quite a lot of people in the park despite that it wasn’t much in bloom at the time, people were curious about our dolls etc ^^;

Himitsu is wearing the same Yukata top piece I made, but I managed to squeeze out of the left over fabric a shorter skirt part for her to wear, for different look :3

It’s always very satisfying to be able to let a dollfie stand on her own for photos XD But keep in mind a light breeze can cause them to fall over ^^;

I love this pose a lot, too bad it’s a bit overexposed >_<

Too bad the blossoms and park were a bit dead still ^^; The best blossom photos I managed to take turned out to be back in Richmond! I believe this park in front of Richmond Public Market is called Lang Park.

bluestarbaby put the blossom on Himitsu’s head XD Kawaii~!

fuwa fuwa sakura! I definitely took way more photos when the trees are cooperating lol!

One of the most difficult photo to take lol had to borrow a bottle from bluestarbaby to make it possible XD

Like cotton candy XD

blind shooting XD

My husband has some blossom pix to share as well :) Thanks for looking! ^o^

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    It’s too bad we caught you guys before we had to go ^^; It was still a nice surprise, lol. LoL seems like there are more sakura blooming outside of the park than inside the park XD

  2. navci
    navci says:

    This set of photos are so nice! :D The weather is better that day too huh?
    I love the short yukata, she looks so spunky. :>

    • chun
      chun says:

      we were very very lucky to still have some blue skies by the time we got back to richmond lol! at the QE park it was still kinda grey ^^;

  3. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Cute photos! Thought of doing a hanami last weekend too but friends were pretty much tied up. (Or they didn’t fancy me hauling a DD along… who knows? XD )
    The best moment to catch the blooming sakura is quite fleeting, once they bloom a mere day with a heavy rain shower or blazing hot sun can make them wither quite fast.

    • chun
      chun says:

      awww! It’s hard to go on your own I guess ^^; and I gotta agree they are rather fleeting =_=; and if the weather is crappy, the best part of the bloom can be ruined >_<

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