Vivi and Ginny Adventure overload!

Looks like my Mamachapp sisters are taking over the dolly blog (well for now ^^;)
Below is a photo of Vivi enjoying the beautiful day out!

Before I continue with the photos I want to thank for kindly linking up to their blog featuring Vivi and Ginny :D They have many great links to a lot of lovely photos and resources in Japanese ^^/

Original image of Vivi enjoying the day is in portrait mode:

We were invited to have brunch with my brother in law and wife. It was a bit last minute and I almost did not go as I had a super long day yesterday, but I am glad I changed my mind and took my 2 little girls with me :)

Here they are, waiting on the arm of my brother in law for the food ^^;

What should we eat? I believe I ordered biscuits with sausages and hash potatos… Near the end of the meal we unfortunately found that the sausage was kinda pink inside ^^; (not fully cooked?)

After the food abuse, we went to take some pictures outside :) It was rather cold despite that the sun was out and the sky was magnificent…

Oh it was a bit windy too, Ginny fell down a few times while I took this photo ^^;

Okie time to go ^^; Baibai Lions!

Goofing around :P

This pose is just too moesome!

Ended the afternoon with some bubble tea ^^;

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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