Ginny’s adventure at the shop

Took this picture while waiting for my husband to come pick me up from a day of helping at the shop :)
Ginny finds it funny that Domokun is wearing a chick suit XD

There’s a couple newer releases of blythe dolls in shop ^o^ I talked to a customer who was very keen about blythes hehe, she may buy one of them in near future ^^ So that’s goot :P

Tee hee :P Ginny has a new buddy (hanging from her skirt ^^)

2 of my friends came by to visit us at the shop! :D (Thank you both for coming!) One of them helped to rescue a stray balloon which was stuck at the top of the shop today ^^; We used the pole end of a swiffer broom with some tape on top and my tall friend bravely stood on a foot stool in highheels to get the balloon down by having it stick to the taped end of the pole ^^! A Heroine is born! XD

Ginny said: I want to take it home!

How can I refuse? :P

She hangs on to it tightly, afraid I’ll change my mind ^^;

Soooo cute! It is actually a phone accessory so there’s a little hook thing which I could hang it off a loop on her skirt ^^ Perfect!

I can haz Beard papas ^^; Had a green tea cream puff today ^^! There’s a few more Beard Papa cream puff branches around now… Woot, they be taking over the world?

I got another one of those tiny kitties for my husband heehee I may borrow it for Vivi and Ginny to take pictures with sometime lol!

Kawaii! :D Their biggu eyes reminds me of our late Meowmeow’s

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @yumeko Awww thank you for thinking of me! hope it was fun!

    @kmyk huhu sorry… they’re too cute not to post ^^;

    @whyiloveacting thank you :D Glad you think so!

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