Aki in Akihabara

When NagatoPyon posted her photos of her adorable Yumi chan with the adorable flock of Alpacas in Akihabara Volks Show Room, I was reminded that I haven’t posted photos of Aki with her photos taken there, so here they are!

These photos were taken on the same day as when we went to Ueno Park on (18 Nov 2011) :)

We got a bit disoriented when we got to Akihabara as it changed a bit since Radio Kaikan moved…

We had gone to 2 other places on that same day prior to Akihabara, and it was really hard on my feet  so getting disoriented was not fun lol! After asking someone in a shop, we managed to finally make our way to Volks Akihabara Showroom ^^;

Was really excited when I saw this huge signboard XD ~*insert heavenly sound*~

I think Aki was very excited to see these adorable fluffy Alpacas XD They might be excited to see her too? ^^;

When we finally arrived at Volks Showroom Tenshi no Sumika, it was quite late…

I think I had about 10 minutes to finish taking the photos. ^^;

There was a few set up in place, you can tell the staff put effort into setting up the displays :)

Below is the room which Haku1923 san went to with his dollfie friends :D

There’s a Natsuki Dollfie Dream on display close by, holding what looks like a Santa/Christmasy outfit :)

I think Aki is giving me a hint that she’s feeling tired ^^;

Some lovely photos of what looked like submissions by different Dollfie Dream owners :D

They were about to set up the display for the next Dolpa event ^o^

We stumbled into the Azone shop :P when we checked out the temporary Radio Kaikan building

So many kawaii dolls to tempt us ^^;;;

Akihabara is still quite well lit up at night :) Did not stay there long enough this trip :P There’s always never enough of Japan lol!

Save up, save up… *chant*

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