Dynamite docking

Went to meet Mai for a bit to deliver a couple items lol, also we wanted to check if there is any difference with the Dynamite bodies when wearing Mai’s jeans :3 Mai’s Dollfies gone wild (no nudity but may not be safe for work lol)

Please note, some photos are likely not safe for work due to the DD bosom “docking” activities ^^; you have been warned!

Checked out Laundry room lol

What a lovely day after a light rain :3 Mirai is quite surprised!

Mirai chan reminds me of a mermaid :3|

Taking these photos reminded us of the time when we were doing photoshoot of our contest doll Glacier Lily :P dangerous rocks were climbed — at the time of Glacier Lily’s shots only my team mates Mai and Yuki risked their lives to take the photos tho ^^;;;

The sky looks almost fake ^^;;;

Hanabi chan has long legs rawr! Jeans made by mailittlealien :)

Suddenly things started to heat up O_o

Hanabi chan is popular ne ^^;

After Mai chan got “divine punishment” (got pooped by a seagull =_=) we waited for her outside while she clean bird poo from her clothes =_=;;;;

Suddenly Mirai’s hand became naughty ^^; (not my doing LOL)

Meow… get a room… :P


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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Those jeans look really good and like a perfect fit. A lovely look on both Dollfies and again some terrific DD photography. ^^

  2. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    Oh man! Pooped on by a seagull??? Thats brutal! At least it wasn’t one of the dolls o.o
    And yes the sky does look fake in the one picture XD

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