Catching up

I think Danny was talking to me about a white blouse for his Dollfie dream girls possibly since last year(or early this year), and I only got to finishing it up recently and got it out to him ^^; I really wish I have clones too =_=;/ You can spy it on Saber chan in the 2nd last photo of his article :3 I took a few pix before packing it and really like some of them :)

I’m posting more progress of the gothloli outfit near the end so if you’re interested…

Mirai looks so cute mirrored! :P I feel like I have a pair of them when I do this lol, this version the collar lays slightly better than the first try I made ^^; I also made the sleeves tiny bit longer so that it covers the wrist joint better :)


So I made a 2nd test version (Which my Mirai yukino chan gets to keep :P) I was trying to make the waist part a bit longer but it didn’t work out ^^; so I had to cut out and rejoin the waist part. It kinda look similar to the pink version I made earlier, but I used a brown with pink polka dot fabric and test out the lace and ribbon idea I had in my head :) the lace underskirt  actually belongs to my MSD doll ^^; this skirt is actually like a smidge too short, shows her bum a bit too easily ^^;

One more, sorry if the colour seems strange, I was loosing natural light quickly by the time I finished it ^^;

And I’m getting closer to to the final dress I think! :3 Still gotta create an idea I have for the bust part ^^;

One more teaser sneak peek! The final version may not be 100% the same as the initial sketch due to the type of lace I use etc. But it will be as close as to the sketch as possible :3

One last thing, warm thank you for the buyer who purchased Berry Dotty for the Blythe Manna Energy Dress Drive :) Currently, Flowers and Clovers and Sweet Pinks are still available for grabs as of now (the time I’m writing this). Whoever decides to get them, thank you so much in advance for contributing to the charity, I hope you’ll enjoy my work!

Flowers and Clovers

Sweet Pinks

Goodnite all ^^;!

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  1. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    Good point.

    Here’s a analogy of what people will concentrade on.

    A cup – 100% Face area

    B – Cup – 85-90% Face area , Bust 10-15%


    E – Cup – Face 50% Bust 50% ( Struggling to view both but might appear as either suspicious or cock-eyed :p )

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