Sailor fuku 2

Seeing Danny’s post on the Japanese school girls’ skirts reminded me that I have some backdated shots which I took featuring Himitsu ^^;

One winter day, there was a rare break of blue sky and some sunlight, I took Himitsu out for a photoshoot… Yes I realise that she’s not wearing a winter seifuku (oops) gotta make her one for the hard work she did for me ^^;

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 7

Almost forgot that Mokotan had a small photo session recently ^^;

She managed to snag the cute burger (a key chain thingie) from me – a present from a friend who went to Hong Kong for the holidays last December :)

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The mess

I took over the storage room in our current place to make it into a little doll nook/sweatworkshop.  But sometimes things just get a bit out of control, especially when sewing is in progress ^^;

Himitsu maiddo chan helps me sort out the dollfie clothes…  Most are test pieces which they get to keep. Or some stuff exchanged with fellow dollfie owners…

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Sailor fuku

Or seifuku… Had been meaning to make one of these for my dollfie musumes for a while now, last nite kicked my bum to draft a pattern to make one :D

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Taiga stands proud

Taiga wearing a top which I made a long time ago and almost sold, but I guess it’s really meant for her?

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Dollfie dream family photo 2010

A  suddenly sunny break in the afternoon got me moving my dollfie dream girls together to take some photos!

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Now Taiga can stand on her own with some careful balancing, thanks to kips!

What is kips?

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Dollfie staining

I was reminded why I try to avoid using dark materials to make dollfie clothes the hard way ^^; When I was going to change Mirai’s clothes I realised Oh noes…. Stain!!!! o_o;;;;;

Quickly made Mirai’s body a pair of pantyhose to cover up for now, as the pimple cream I use to treat doll stains is conveniently MIA at the moment ^^;

***Some NSFW dollfie part/pantsu images after cut!

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New year sewing

Haven’t sewn properly during the holiday festive season, had to do some “warm up sewing” before some actual work related sewing… so who benefits from it? ^^;

Taiga said it’s the year of the Tiger, she’s entitled to get something new from me…  It’s not perfect, but she got a Yukata from me by twisting my pinky (still gotta make a proper obi and maybe a proper under garment of sorts^^;).

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 6

Mokotan’s first adventure of the new year! Mokotan is small and light, so I bring her out a lot despite that her body tend to come apart ^^;

After running some errands, we stopped by Garry Point Park after spotting the magnificent sunset view ^o^!

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