Sailor fuku

Or seifuku… Had been meaning to make one of these for my dollfie musumes for a while now, last nite kicked my bum to draft a pattern to make one :D

This particular set is made to fit M bust, but to put it on have to remove her head and arms ^^; but the back looks good this way I think!

I used white thread to sew this whole set this time, due to the staining scare from not too long back from the dark thread I used ^^;

Himitsu looks so sweet as a Sailor school girl!!! *Squeeee* XP

I wanted to make Haruhi’s school uniform, but realised that I don’t have the exact shade of blue (doh) sounds like a trip to the dangerous fabric store is unavoidable ^^;


Who? Me?

Himitsu practice poses Muhuhu…

Ara… who’s lurking around? With a weapon somemore… o_o;

Ah it’s Himitsu’s turn to guard the house that’s why ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Mirin is wearing a rough version of Mirai’s Seifuku which I finally had a chance to force myself to complete after many interruptions. As you can see, the collar part is a bit messed up (the white trim)… My dollfie musumes will be keeping it so that they can cosplay and I can reference if I ever need to re-make it in future ^^;

Mirin tan is by default very moesome as she demonstrates…

Awwwwww *melts* Husband remarks that she looks like she’s about to burst into tears :P

Okay back to the rounds ^^;;;; Otsukaresama!

Thanks for looking ^^/ a bonus fan service image can be found on da post… ^^;

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  1. tiananana
    tiananana says:

    Hi chun! I’m doing a school project for japanese class where we have to create our own school uniform…and I was wondering if I could model mine SORT OF after Mirin’s red one? (except more traditional, LOLO) :D It’s sooooo pretty <3 I really love the lace under the skirt.. a little detail that adds so much @@

    If possible, what type of material did you use for the red skirt/ collar and for the white blouse? pleasepleaseplease and many thank yous <3

    PS these dolls are SO BEAUTIFUL.. i've never seen anything like them before, hehe.

    ~ tiana

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hey the original design of the outfit is taken from Danny choo’s mascot, Mirai Suenaga’s school uniform ^^; The “red” is actually deep orange (perhaps your monitor is showing it differently?)
      I generally work with cotton to make clothes for my dolls ^^ These dolls are called Dollfie Dream, and they’re made by volks. you can find some information at and

  2. thetsundere
    thetsundere says:

    It’s so pretty!
    I think I say this for just about all the clothes you make, but I would sure love a life size one! xD
    Random question, not sure if you’ve mentioned in a previous post – but how old is Himitsu supposed to be? ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      I would like to make a life size one for myself ^^; but life size clothing takes me really long to make o_o; I have to pin everything together, and then tack, etc etc, kinda drives me a bit crazy :P Himitsu is probably in mid teens? The twins are around 18 I think? Taiga (looks around) is a runt :P

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