Sailor fuku

Or seifuku… Had been meaning to make one of these for my dollfie musumes for a while now, last nite kicked my bum to draft a pattern to make one :D

This particular set is made to fit M bust, but to put it on have to remove her head and arms ^^; but the back looks good this way I think!

I used white thread to sew this whole set this time, due to the staining scare from not too long back from the dark thread I used ^^;

Himitsu looks so sweet as a Sailor school girl!!! *Squeeee* XP

I wanted to make Haruhi’s school uniform, but realised that I don’t have the exact shade of blue (doh) sounds like a trip to the dangerous fabric store is unavoidable ^^;


Who? Me?

Himitsu practice poses Muhuhu…

Ara… who’s lurking around? With a weapon somemore… o_o;

Ah it’s Himitsu’s turn to guard the house that’s why ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Mirin is wearing a rough version of Mirai’s Seifuku which I finally had a chance to force myself to complete after many interruptions. As you can see, the collar part is a bit messed up (the white trim)… My dollfie musumes will be keeping it so that they can cosplay and I can reference if I ever need to re-make it in future ^^;

Mirin tan is by default very moesome as she demonstrates…

Awwwwww *melts* Husband remarks that she looks like she’s about to burst into tears :P

Okay back to the rounds ^^;;;; Otsukaresama!

Thanks for looking ^^/ a bonus fan service image can be found on da post… ^^;

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  1. Kuraikawai
    Kuraikawai says:

    The seifuku looks great!! The socks that wears Danny’s Aoi-chan (white ones) were also made by you? I think those socks would fit also Himitsu’s new seifuku! I’m also working on a new outfit for Nia, I hope it’s good enough to show it lol.

    • chun
      chun says:

      LOL well it felt bright and somewhat sunny…. but also was testing the sewing so no make long sleeves :P but am thinking about it lol

    • chun
      chun says:

      I try ^^; cos it drives me nuts when it doesn’t fit how I prefer it to ^^; and yes I used ribbon, it could be done better I think may try to fix it later if I don’t destroy it doing so ^^;;;;;

    • chun
      chun says:

      :3 sorry I know I kinda casually owe U a pair of pants :P I’m thinking of putting some on etsy or something eventually (cos the wordpress plug in unfortunately is too buggy for me to use) Thanks for your interest tho! And if I do make the serafuku for sale, some details will be different — example bow and sleeves, and it may be open front or something to make it easier to be worn ^^

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