Or seifuku… Had been meaning to make one of these for my dollfie musumes for a while now, last nite kicked my bum to draft a pattern to make one :D

This particular set is made to fit M bust, but to put it on have to remove her head and arms ^^; but the back looks good this way I think!

I used white thread to sew this whole set this time, due to the staining scare from not too long back from the dark thread I used ^^;

Himitsu looks so sweet as a Sailor school girl!!! *Squeeee* XP

I wanted to make Haruhi’s school uniform, but realised that I don’t have the exact shade of blue (doh) sounds like a trip to the dangerous fabric store is unavoidable ^^;


Who? Me?

Himitsu practice poses Muhuhu…

Ara… who’s lurking around? With a weapon somemore… o_o;

Ah it’s Himitsu’s turn to guard the house that’s why ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Mirin is wearing a rough version of Mirai’s Seifuku which I finally had a chance to force myself to complete after many interruptions. As you can see, the collar part is a bit messed up (the white trim)… My dollfie musumes will be keeping it so that they can cosplay and I can reference if I ever need to re-make it in future ^^;

Mirin tan is by default very moesome as she demonstrates…

Awwwwww *melts* Husband remarks that she looks like she’s about to burst into tears :P

Okay back to the rounds ^^;;;; Otsukaresama!

Thanks for looking ^^/ a bonus fan service image can be found on da figure.fm post… ^^;

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30 Responses to Sailor fuku

  1. Kotetsu-chan says:

    Very nice sailor fuku Chun. Your daughters look great in them. ^_^ I have that same rifle – I use it with DD face #3 (Aoi’s face) and a custom made Gothic lolita dress from Yahoo Japan. Our friends love the look! I just thought it was funny to see you had one too. Don’t let Taiga get a hold of that!!

    • chun says:

      Thank you! Huhuhu Aoi’s angry face make her very suitable to use that rifle no? ^^;;; Taiga may fall over if she hold the rifle I think XD

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Argh! You just reminded me I been wanting a sailor fuko for my Nanoha. So far I haven’t been lucky to find the Azone ones in stock. Still I would much rather have the Danny one though.

    Where did you get Himitsu’s shoes? I been looking for a pair like that. So far I only seen the ones from Leeke but I’m not entirely sure if those will be a little too big.

    You know Himitsu is starting to edge out Taiga as my favorite girl of yours.

  3. chibinezumi says:

    alright girls now transform! (magical sequence music plays)… oh wait that was sailor moon :P The uniforms look great especially Himitsu she is too perfect in that outfit ^^ got my girl’s face-up done and actively working on her costume, there are so many pieces though. hand sewing and not knowing anything about sewing is kind of hazardous XO May be another couple weeks before she is ready.

  4. Outsider says:

    1 word = Impressive.

  5. Ah yes…that “look” a Yukino-type can give you that positively melts your heart. Yumiko’s real good with that. “Please to has a boyfriend…please??? Onegai shimasu????” That’s what started me out with Zetto, for example. And that’s how she gets me to buy her stuff on eBay and on Den of Angels. She’s sneaky that way. Devious little girl, she is. ^_^

    I get my revenge when I save up the money I need to get Zetto’s little sister. I have dolly lust to get an Obitsu 50cm girl. I’d go the MDD route but I really like the posing abilities of the new type Obitsus. And it will look more like a relative of Zetto, a male modded Obitsu 60cm. It works better for these doll’s “backstory” for Zetto to have a little sister than Yumiko. Yumiko’s going to have to deal with the bratty little tomgirl, though! Bwahahaha!

    I’m going to have to put together a school uniform of another kind for this new kid: a US-style Catholic School uniform. The Evangelion middle school uniforms are sort of like this, but they are usually made with a tartan plaid. Another variation is tartan plaid pleated skirt, white blouse, and a sweater vest.

    In any event: awesome Seifuku.

    • chun says:

      Hehehe it’s kinda like puppy dog eyes :P
      Oh! if I ever get an obitsu body I’ll probably get this head: http://parabox.jp/paradoll/new-head/b-momo.html
      I came across it here ^o^
      I’ll probably be making another type of school uniform with a tartan plaid skirt too ^^ so many things to make, so little time ^^;;;;

      • Oh that is cute! However, I do like the standard 50cm head. Look at Yuubris, who is the owner of Resu. Resu and her friend emiichi posted this thread, which contains pix of some of their dolls:


        I don’t like the “strawberry jelly” eyes, though…don’t like pupil-less eyes or those eyes that have pupils colored other than black. Kinda creepy if you ask me. I’m probably going to get 18mm brown metallic Volks eyes for Namiko. Yeah, she’s got a name now. And she’s been woven into Yumiko and Zetto’s backstory. I gotta wait until Emory at Junky Spot’s all caught up so he can process my order…he’s been away. But once the order is made, I’ll get her quick. San Francisco and LA are a night’s UPS truck ride away. ^________^

      • Did some investigating as to what kids actually wear now in the local Archdioceses, and it was quite disappointing…they’ve gone from the traditional looking outfit I remember from when I was growing up and had friends attending Catholic school to basically a cop-out:

        Polo shirt
        Pleated skirt
        Sweater for cold weather.
        Some skirts are tartan, some are solid blue, khaki or black, depending on parish.
        Boys wear same polo with blue, khaki or black trousers.
        In some parishes, replace polo with regular t-shirt.

        So sad…but I suppose I understand why. Traditional school uniform: pricy. Polo and skirt: easy to scare up, cheap. There are actually some public schools doing uniforms now here in LA, and usually it’s even more cheaped-out: pants for both genders and polo shirts.

        So basically everything can be collected in places like eBay and Den of Angels.

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