Paw out and about

Some of you may have seen my custom DDH06 heads, Paw and Blue here :D

I haven’t completed them yet, still have some details to tweak, but I took Paw out on Saturday afternoon ^^ for some quick photos :)

I was going to take Paw to the doll meet earlier in the morning but I was carrying the big camera which weighed a ton if I were to public transit so Paw ended up not going ^^;

Paw is more like a tomboy, active girl who likes the great out doors ^^/ She’s a little loud and pushy sometimes but has a kind heart :)

Her hair is usually a bright colour in red or blue ^^/

Missed a moment when the light was a bit better ^o^;

The Japanese maple next door has turned colour >_<; Still kinda in denial that Autumn is here :P

Thanks for looking! :D below are new stickers of Paw and Blue which I will include in future doll clothes ^^/ If you like you can buy Paw and Blue stickers on zazzle too~

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