Thank you~

16 Sept 2011:  Item shipped! Sorry for the wait >_<

9 Sept 2011:  Those who paid, your items has been dropped off at the postal service :)

Contact has been made with one customer about busts fitting etc, paypal invoice sent, will pack after payment received.

The shop will likely be updated again sometime next week after monday, need to take some more photos/prepare listing as more items are completed! >_<;

Thanks everyone for waiting patiently ^^;/

Strapless dresses for L bust and M bust.

Dress can be worn on it’s own, the ribbon bow can be worn in center front, or slightly to the side. The bow is sewn in place so no re-tying is needed, and closes at the back with a pair of clear snaps.

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I used a fine paint brush, you can find it in tools section in or or even in your local art stores perhaps.

  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    You tease!!! These are going to be listed while I’m out of town… aren’t they?!

    LOL, curse vacations… I keep missing out!!!!

    It’s ok… I’ll get them next time… neeeext time….

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