Mt Fuji and Shibazakura

During our Japan trip earlier this year, we were incredibly lucky to bump into a time where the Shibazakura is in bloom by Mt Fuji (9th May) ^o^!

Aki demanded I take her, as she wanted to take photos of the rare sight :P Thanks Bluestarbaby for suggesting that we check out Mt Fuji on this trip… XD we were able to take a bus together for a day trip. It was quite an adventure! :) We had to get up really early I woke at 5 am, find the bus terminal to collect and pay for our tickets, we slept most of the bus journey which took felt like a couple hour plus each way?

After we came back from our trip, Mt Fuji was announced as a World Heritage site :D Omedetou! ^o^

It was a bit difficult to take photos of Aki initially, I was glad I had my trusty mini reflector with me, I had to bite on it time to time as due to that I have a doll in one hand, a camera in other… I don’t have a third hand to hold onto the reflector!

The shibazakura (phlox subulata) looks so fluffy Aki had to try to lay on it :P (I didn’t put her down, don’t want to crush the flowers… she was lightly suspended over the flowers ^^;)

Another shot!

Aki and a little cutie :P Wonder who it belongs to… (LOL)

Bluestarbaby was able to find a spot which is the right shape for a Mini Dollfie Dream to pose in lol

Taking doll photos can draw quite a bit of attention ^^;


We has a stowaway! Ebichu lol

There’s a slightly elevated area in the garden which allow people to take photos of Mt Fuji with the view of the entire garden, there’s actually a queue just to get up there… XD

Worth it tho ;)

Brief notes: Bus station was based at Shinjuku, 4300 yen return tickets, we had to purchase  tickets online and some times were sold out and needed to type in the name in Katagana and leave a cell number for contact info (luckily we had rental cell phone with us)

Bus depart at 7.40am, took the bus at 2.30pm to return to Tokyo.

500 yen entrance fee per adult. You can buy some Omiyage there but we ended up not doing so for some reason (I suspect… like budget constrain lol), but I guess we were there mainly for the view and photo opportunity.

We bought some Onigiri (105 yen each) and froze a couple Jellys to keep our food cold so we can have them later :D Peach flavor was tastier :P

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