Anime Revolution Artist Alley

Puppy52dolls and a mailittlealien will be at Anime Revolution Artist Alley with a Booth number 21, there will be buttons, some Dollfie Dream clothes, and some fan art prints :) mailittlealien will be displaying her doll clothing ^o^!

If you are attending with your doll(s), we hope to see you there! Kindly bring change if you intend to buy stuff :3 More information will be updated as it gets close!

We were on Anime Revolution’s Featured Artist section on July 17th ^^/

Sneak previews of some items being prepared for the booth! (More will be updated as it gets closer)

These tops will come in a variety of fabrics (quite a few were purchased while in Japan years ago + some from recent trip earlier this year), the same top will fit L-bust snugly and M-bust a little loosely in the bosom :)

Some of the tops which I was making :D the fit is same as the ones above, where it fits L bust snuggly and M-bust a little loosely in the bosom :)

There will be only two of the lace bloomers (DDII/DDIII/DDS), due to limited amount of lace I was able to acquire ^^;

For this lace I will have a few more of ^^/

Only a couple of these suckers available at the booth, unless I can squeeze time to make more but it looks like I am really running out of time :P

I still have plenty I need to do/prepare so I may not be able to update much again until after the con ^^;

There will be a few of these elastic waistband shorts (for DDII/DDIII/DDS only sorry!) Top stitch is a light brown thread, due to that there is darker colour on the print, I would advice to check time to time in case of any risk of staining! My girls have worn it for about a day without any visible staining so far.

I know there maybe people who are unable to attend in person who have asked their friends to help purchase something for them, but I will likely list some after the con too! Just not the limited items, some of the more limited items are limited to one per head, on first come first served basis ^^; Thank you everyone for the interest! :D :D

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  1. Tweendoriru
    Tweendoriru says:

    Ooh, I wish I could go! Those lace bloomers are so cute >< ♥

    I hope you'll continue updates with the things you'll have there :D I love seeing your fashions, they're so cute and inspiring~~

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you! :) This is my first time having a booth at the local con, not sure how we’ll do lol but it would be a good experience!

  2. Innocentsake
    Innocentsake says:

    Oooo some sneak previews ^O^ Can’t wait to see what other items you’ll have available! Must make a finalized wishlist for Archangeli once you’ve shown off all the DD goods you’ll have with you hehe <3 Think I need a Puppy Button as well :D

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you so much XD I’m hoping to be able to sell some items online too depending on conditions XD I wanted to sell some before the con but I’m not sure if I have time as we have visitors from out of town to attend to just before the con o_o; But for sure after the con if there is left overs :3

      • Innocentsake
        Innocentsake says:

        I’m sure people who can’t attend in person will be happy to see anything offered online after the con is over :D Archangeli has a few items for me already so I told her to wait till after Anime Revolution to send them to me in case she can snag me any Puppy Goodness hehe. Hope you have fun with your visitors!

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