Visit to Kawagoe

Oops, haven’t got around editing photos until today, there was a heat wave last week and I avoided being on the computer for too long as it gets really hot in our home office =_=;

The photos in this blog post are taken while we went to Kawagoe/Little Edo, I had wanted to go there for doll photos when I saw Nagato Pyon posting about it on before our trip! :) Please check out her awesome photos here~!

Aki and bluestarbaby‘s Ayu ^o^/

Ayu chan cleansing her hands :3

Wonder what did Aki wished for? World peace perhaps ;)

This is one of the many shrines we will come across before we get to the actual “Little Edo” area :)

Really glad to have a chance to take photos in this beautiful area!

It was a hot sunny day!

Quite a lot of walking before the next shrine, some of the roads were quite bumpy and I almost twisted my ankle many times o_o;

Another location!

Japanese Maple are so beautiful <3

It starts to get more and more crowded as we get closer to the bigger streets, so I kept Aki away when I could ^^;

Walked some more and came to a “shopping street” :D We were pleasantly surprised by the large amount of Koinobori (鯉幟) on the streets! It is 5th of May – Children’s Day or Kodomo no hi (こどもの日), on Sunday and I guess these makes it a lot more festive :)

Really love the banners on the streets too :)

I’m not a fan of hello kitty but looking at the pink display and the pink yukata Aki is wearing, I had to have her pose for a couple photos!

There was a small “flea market” area and the poster on this sign caught my eye :3


Saw this cute chubby Hippopotamus sculpture outside a washroom ^^; Had to take Aki out of my bag for a picture lol

Ah! Finally found the landmark of Little Edo lol! Felt like mission accomplished :P


I’m reminded of a scary incident when I went into a wind chime shop, some random guy grabbed Aki without asking me o_o; I was so shocked =_= Got out of the shop quickly and kept Aki in the bag o_o;

Thanks for looking ^o^/

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Nice photos! Looks like a must visit spot when in Japan. ^^

    That sounds pretty scary Aki getting dollknapped! >_<
    She needs a good bodyguard! I volunteer as tribute! XD =P

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