Happy 2014!

It’s already 2014 in some countries by the time I posted this entry!

(Happy Puppy teeshirt in this series of photos is made by KuraiKawai of Murasaki.me)

2013 passed very quickly o_o; I haven’t even finished looking through and posting photos taken during our trip earlier this year ^^;;;

Usually December is a very busy month with family so I end up not making much in the doll clothing end, so here’s Aki in winter outfit with some combinations made from past year :)

Thank you everyone who liked my work and have purchased something in the past years! We really appreciate it :)

Hope to bring you more new works in 2014! I brought Aki and Ebichu to a doll meet in Dec 2013 XD

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  1. Kuraikawai
    Kuraikawai says:

    Happy New Year Chuuun!!!! :))))
    Aki looks super cute! Thanks for your support! With the shirts! I wish you the best for this next year!!!

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