NagatoPyon in Japan

Cannot believe I’m already back in Canada… ^^;

Still have a lot of photos to post, but I should post about my meet (24 Nov 2011) with the lovely NagatoPyon and her partner who’s currently studying in Japan!

The first night we hung out, she brought her kawaii Yumi chan! ^o^ Thank you Sas-chan for kindly asking the volks shop attendant about taking a quick photo in their display booth :3 It was probably our record speed booth photo so far XD (maybe under 5 minutes?!) Also thanks for taking us to the yummy pizza place, must go back again in future when we’re in Japan!

It’s really neat that the volks displays are set up to show different feeling or seasons :D I still have some of Taiga/Aki which I haven’t posted ^^;;;;; so behind >_<

Came across this rilakkuma display in Ikebukuro XD of course we had to take a photo of our girls with it XD

Nice bag ^o^ Yumi is so well loved :)

I may put some more pix later :3 I should sleep soon or my jet lag will never get better x_x

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  1. Love Angel
    Love Angel says:

    Jet lag can be really annoying.

    I normally never have any problems with it, but this year my trip to Brazil and back was not quite annoying.

    I hope you get well soon.

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