Clothes and Parts for Mini Dollfie Dream

I decided to swap Taiga’s hands for the bigger Dollfie Dream size hands as I noticed that the part where we pop the hands in are similar in shape and size.
Here, she is using the DD size DDII-H-03 hand (Pointing Hand)

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Taiga Aisaka goes out

Took my Taiga custom doll out for some pix :) managed to find some existing clothing for my other doll which fits her ^o^!

Picture above is actually taken by my husband, I think it is my favourite of the lot!

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Taiga Aisaka

Ara? Who’s this shorty? *gets beaten up* x_x

Finally my Taiga (from Toradora!) Mini Dollfie dream is completed! ^^;/ To see some progress for painting the head you can check out this entry – Painting a 3D head on my art blog. :) This entry here is mostly for the completed doll :)

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Ball joint doll meet 2

I want to take this chance to thank a few friends who kindly help us take photos of Glacier Lily who’s now on display with the other fabulous custom dolls in Singapore at the STGCC (Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention)! Thanks Kodomut and Arayden~! And Jooli – pix here! (see Jooli’s beautiful sewing work here)

Went to my 2nd local BJD meet, I almost didn’t make it… ^^; It was organised and hosted by a lovely girl who’s going to a different province to study in about 2 weeks time ^^;/
Mirin… I think she had a blast :P and shown me some sides of her which I didn’t know of ^^;;;; I also brought my hybrid MSD Elliot along :3 Unfortunately her pix were kinda blurry ^^;;;

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Interview section

Decided to make a new section for brief interviews with people I personally look up to in the doll field. :) I was inspired to request an interview with Matin sensei after I had the luck to acquire this lovely sofa kit during the last trip to Tokyo.

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Office wear and Bikini bottom

If you had seen some of Danny’s recent photos you may have noticed his Ryomo chan wearing a bikini looking very much like the Mirai Suenaga Bikini art :3 It isn’t 100% exact but definitely inspired by the original :) And of course you may also have seen the Jacket which he commissioned from months back? ^^;/

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