Taiga Aisaka goes out

Took my Taiga custom doll out for some pix :) managed to find some existing clothing for my other doll which fits her ^o^!

Picture above is actually taken by my husband, I think it is my favourite of the lot!

Pix below are taken with Lumix :)

It’s a beautiful beautiful day ^O^! The temperature was fantastic, not too hot ^^ Taiga was getting impatient that I had to fiddle with the camera a lot before I took her pix tho ^^;

Had to lean her against the log ^o^;

I tried to let her stand here but unfortunately she fell forward ^^; Got a little scruff on her left cheek ^^; Have to try to fix it sometime ^^;

Pix below were taken with my XT with EFX 60 mm macro lens ^^; It was heavy carrying all the stuff with me, thankfully the MDD body is very light :3 Her booboo was edited off with photoshop :P

After this most pix she’s leaning on something to prevent her from falling forward again ^^;

Picture below is slightly underexposed ^^;

I still didn’t learn my lesson, let her stand on her own for a bit :P She fell forward again =_= this time the sand in front of her is not hard like the rocky surface, so no extra scruff ^^; I’m a bad dollfie mama :P Taiga is not pleased ^^;

After that, I pile up 2 large stones and let her sit on it ^^;

By now, she complained that the sun was in her face ^^; but thankfully she let me take a few shots before I pack her up for the day ^o^;

I know she’s not properly dressed for a trip to the beach lol! Ideally she should be in a swimwear but her joints are not very attractive :P Just imagine that she’s there on a colder day :P I hope you had as much fun looking at these pix as I had taking them!

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  1. Koharu
    Koharu says:

    Those photos are gorgeous, and Taiga is looking lovely ^.^ I hope her cheek is okay!
    You should make her a little blue swimsuit and try tying her hair in buns – would be a kawaii overload! xP

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! And her cheek is fine now :3 I almost gonna leave it cos it gives her more character :P And oh her joints show up too much so it’s not too likely that I will make her a swimsuit ^^; but may try to see what I can do with her hair sometime ^^

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