16th Jan 2011: Pants shipped! Hope it reach everyone soonest, notification sent via Artfire as well, hopefully that reach everyone too ^^/

The first batch of sale status is currently packing in progress, thank you kindly for waiting!

Light brown pants in DDII body (taken)

khaki pants in DDII body (taken)

brown pants on DDdy body
khaki pants in Dynamite body (taken)

Testing a shade of darker khaki green cotton… This pair will not be listed yet ^^;/

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7 Responses to Dollfie dream pants part 2

  1. kuraikawai says:

    Ganbatte Chun-san!! those jeans look awesome! :)) I’ll patiently wait for some light blue batch ^^ Light brown is nice too :))

  2. Otaku Depot says:

    Love how they look – I can’t believe I missed all the sales. :(
    I’ll have to try harder next time!!!

  3. Ovada Bey says:

    I agree! That is a nice color :D

  4. gottacleanmyroom says:

    Wow! Those jeans are nice. Very form fitting – sexy!

    I think the green pants are my favorite. The color’s very … striking.

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