Ball joint doll meet – Richmond Bubble Tea

Managed to take the public transit to the doll meet ^O^ Thank goodness weather was decent!

I only brought Aki, Mamachapps and the Alpacas this time round, as I had to go buy some fabrics before attending the meet, fabrics are heavy, on top of that, camera and dolls o_o;! lol

Doll meets are fun, your dolls get to meet new/old friends too ^o^ Here we see Mokotan enjoying herself :P

Sometimes the dollies swap hair or clothes for fun :P Below, Aki is wearing Hitomi’s dark wig ^^

I bought a dress for Aki from Bluestarbaby ^o^

The dolls also get their own food ;D

Jiro looking as handsome as always ^^

Jiro and Hitomi :)

Haruki XD

Haruki got a couple new siblings it seems? ^^; (Forgot to ask for the name ^^;)


With some of the dolls so large, they feel really realistic in some photos o_o

Baby sitting service for the little ones are usually available (LOL)

A group photo is in progress XD Lightningsabre attended with Azunyan and Saber ^^ can you spot them?

One of the doll owner (candyman) likes to pose the dolls in rather challenging poses ^^; I insisted he leave Aki alone, but the Mamachapps were not spared ^^;;;;;

Many sweet dollies XD!

Really lovely food for dollies, of the smaller scale tho ^^

Unfortunately as it gets later, the natural light ran out and a lot of my photos became blurry (oops) so I didn’t post as much photos as I’d have liked to ^^;

Naughty Candyman trying to “kidnap” Bluestarbaby’s girl :P

I wonder if there are Dollfie Dream owners in Vancouver we don’t know about ^^; it would be nice to meet some DD “parents” :)

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  1. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    Hopefully I will be buying my first doll in a few months :) I need to get another job since my seasonal one has come to an end. I actually have enough money for him but I dont want to blow all my money up at once ^^;; eh heh. One of my friends has a bjd and she’s a really pretty doll.
    I can’t wait until I can go to a doll meet. To me it will probably feel like a miniature convention ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      woot good luck! :) And yes, it’s nice to go to a doll meet, sometimes you can go even before you get your doll, if they allow and kinda get a feel of how it is to see one in person :)

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Ehehe fun fun! Candyman is a real master poser, lol! I haven’t even touched any of my photos yet… Too cold and too tired, plus I did have work today -.- And I get to hold Aki even just for a brief moment! :D

    Hehe there are some fun photos I took there. ^o^

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