It’s always nice to go to doll meet, meet new and old peeps, and dolls :3

I brought Aki, Taiga, Ebichu (Mini Mamachapp) and Mokotan (Mamachapp) Galamirix’s Saber next to Aki and Taiga is wearing a pair of Angel Wings jeans XD (thank you~) MDD kneeling on the table is bluestarbaby (thanks for hosting)’s Yumi :P and the Yo-SD (I forgot name lol)

Ebichu was slothing on Taiga’s head the whole meet LOL

This time I was trying something different with my photos so not all turned out lol but here are some which were okay after some editing ^^;

Maruneko has his awesome set up and girls as always ^^

Kentaro’s Chihaya and Candyman’s Miki on the side <3

Galamirix’s Kudo working it! :P

Cocoon B.‘s beautiful Memory, well dressed as always! Also posing all over the place so I took a few photos of her too lol

Another picture of Aki, Ebichu, Taiga and Galamirix’s Saber :

Cocoon B.‘s Memory <3

Chiseenpaw‘s MDD ^o^

Lightningsabre‘s DDH06 in a lovely cheongsam

Back of a trap(???) Scored a pair of blythe sized jeans — think the body is slimmer pureneemo? Jeans unfortunately do not fit the shapelier body ^^;

bluestarbaby‘s wee one on an alpaca :3

Mokotan had a lot of action ^^;

Stunning doll (not sure who it belonged to ^^;;)

zzzzzz :P

Miki <3!!!

Girl with weapons… Sidney’s DD was dressed as Cosmos

There’s way more dolls around but my photos were kinda blah ^^; Got to try harder next time! Thanks for looking! :)

6 Responses to February Doll meet 2014!

  1. Smithy says:

    Lots of different DD’s and bjd’s there, looks like a fun event with other doll owners. :)

  2. kuraikawai says:

    Always nice to have doll meets with other types of dolls xD. And you have the chance to see other DD in person xD!!

  3. Looks like a nice fun Doll meet. Nice catches around. Do love the Saber and LightningSabre’s Dollfie. Kud looks like she’s trying to be Leia and Indiana Jones at once XD

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