Yukata adjusted

Ran out of this lovely fabric when I was making this… ^^; I forget how much fabric a full length Yukata will take, and that fabric which I purchased from Japan a few years ago, I only had about half a meter ^^; Oh well we’re keeping this one lol!

A Sakura doll meet is coming up! :3 My girls have to be ready :P This Yukata is supposed to adjust to fit and is in 2 sections rather than the normal one wrap version, and it can be worn as a mini one with the M-bust girls I think… Gotta try it out later… Nyanko look so kawaii in it, have to feature her :D

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Thank you Matthew of Richmond Review for making time to come by to our little doll meet last Saturday!

Article and photos by Matthew Hoekstra from the Richmond Review.

You probably can still get a physical copy today at the Richmond Library, if you’re curious to see it on print, bluestarbaby has already gotten her copy :D And the online version can be read here.

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Mini Yukata

Revised a mini yukata from last year(?!)

This time I made the part such that it can fit M, L and Dynamite busts ^^;

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Richmond doll meet – March

Attended a doll meet in Richmond! ^o^

For the full set of photos you can check out flickr, in this post I will just highlight a few photos :)

Also you can check out Galamirix’s experience on his blog entry :D Very pleased to meet his DD girls! I am rather annoyed at myself as most of my photos of his Aoi and Mari are blurry >_<;;;

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Fund raising – 3 day charity auction

28 March 2011: Package reached buyer safely! Received feedback and a photo in the e-mail ^O^! Thank you so much!

19 March 2011: Package has been shipped and positive feedback left :D Due to it being sent via airmail, the excess shipping the winner had very kindly asked me to donate the left over amount to Redcross for Japan aid, I topped it up a bit to make it $10 :)

18 March 2011: Currently items are packed, will send latest on Sunday at a local postal service, will leave positive feedback when shipped. Donation sent this morning, it’s being processed by ebay at the moment :D Thank you everyone again!

17 March 2011: Auction ended, thank you all so much on behalf of the charity it is going to! Will be packing the items soon, have e-mailed the buyer to check on some details regarding shipping :)

Inspired by Ruth of eurotrashdoll, I am donating a set of newly made Dollfie Dream clothing where all proceeds (meaning I won’t take anything) will go to Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund.

Dolly Community unite for the Japan EarthQuake & Tsunami flickr pool, to rally and show our support! :)

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Thinking of Japan

Really concerned about the situation in Japan and thinking of all our friends there!  Saw the quake related news on twitter as it unfolded, really terrifying even tho we were not physically there… Thank goodness we have heard back from most of our friends and also know that most acquaintances are at least safe as well…

Donated to Red Cross, hope to be able to do more later if possible! A friend of mine has decided to sew to do a fund raising to donate, I hope to do that too, will post more information when I’m ready!

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Happy Puppy52 buttons!

Vivi looks a little overwhelmed? ^^;

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Mirai Suenaga Dollfie Dream cosplay

A little late, but it’s still March 3rd in Vancouver! In celebration of Danny’s sweet Mascot Mirai Suenaga’s birthday, I have Aki chan wear the test version of Mirai Seifuku I made many moons back for a quick photoshoot — the final version belongs to Danny’s lovely musumes which you see time to time on his broggu :3

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Meeting Saber Lily

Had the pleasure to drop by to Mai chan’s place to visit her and her lovely Saber Lily (and Hanabi <3)

Mai took awesomely fantastic photos as well, and you get to see bonus “maid Saber Lily” XD Domo arigato Mai for letting us visit! :3

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