Ran out of this lovely fabric when I was making this… ^^; I forget how much fabric a full length Yukata will take, and that fabric which I purchased from Japan a few years ago, I only had about half a meter ^^; Oh well we’re keeping this one lol!

A Sakura doll meet is coming up! :3 My girls have to be ready :P This Yukata is supposed to adjust to fit and is in 2 sections rather than the normal one wrap version, and it can be worn as a mini one with the M-bust girls I think… Gotta try it out later… Nyanko look so kawaii in it, have to feature her :D

Sweet girl with a sweet smile :D


Showing her assets… Inspired by h4y4sh1’s post on FF ^^

Nyanko saw to that I’m loosing blood from excessive nose bleeding ^^;

Interesting a different hairdo and adjustment of outfit can produce a very different feeling no?

Thanks for looking! :)

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21 Responses to Yukata adjusted

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    /swoon I LOVE yukata. I actually had two yukata made for my Pullip duo and someday I’m going to find myself a Yukata for the Beato DD I just won the lottery for as well. I like the pieces of hair that are sticking out playfully when you pull back her hair.

  2. Smithy says:

    Great photos, it really suits Nyanko well. ^^

  3. Wild untied hair = wild cleavage shots! Yummy! :3

  4. Maridah says:

    Ah, love it love it! Nice idea making it adjustable lengths, too!

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