New girl and secret project reveal!

What??? A new slav… I mean girl?! ^^; Let’s just say it was a little unexpected…

How did that happened?! Read on to find out ^^;

So Taiga had been complaining that I haven’t given her much attention, little did she know that I had some special plans for her… So heads were purchased (Thanks Nicole!)… and Taiga Mk II was created (you will see photos as you scroll down!)

And when Lightning Sabre heard me casually mentioning about making Taiga a new head during a doll meet, he made me an offer which I cannot refuse — for the original Taiga’s “clone”! …with a stack of $$$ he made via working hard over time (Muwahaha) for my trouble (ahem) and to top it off… he threw in his spanking new Ellen — basically it sounds wrong however I try to write it… he also sold Ellen’s body to me ^^;;;;;;

Ahem… so here we have our new help in the house XD Ellen’s great as she poses and hold the poses well — I was going to adjust the pattern for the Mini Yukata and decided to try it on Ellen and it looks like it was made for her :3 Gotta make a new Obi and Apron but the dollfie dream version will do for now :P

I really wasn’t sure about the Obitsu body, but it seem to look okay dressed? Ellen’s face is very nicely painted and her hair is rooted in, quite different from Dollfie Dream ^^ Her head is a bit more difficult to remove too I think? Ellen’s wearing Taiga’s favorite boots which is actually MSD size.

Ellen: Mistress, would you like some tea?

Me: Sure ^^

Ellen: Here it is! Becareful, it’s hot!

Ellen: Look! One hand!

Me: ^^;;;;;

Taiga stomps in: Has anyone seen my boots?

Ellen (startled): AIYA!!!!! *tray, cup and saucer crashed to the floor* ^^;

Tsun tsun Taiga (Mk II): Tsk… so it was you you lowly…. *mumble mumble*
Ellen: I’m so so sorry!!!! I will clean this up right away! (TT__TT);;;;

Later Taiga got a cup of hot tea as apology from Ellen ^^;

Thanks for looking! We’re really pleased with our new dolls! (ahem) Some more photos coming really soon! :D

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  1. PrettyCranium
    PrettyCranium says:

    Taiga is so amazing, and Ellen too! I love Taiga’s expression. I’m in the middle of Toradora right now and she is adorable. Does the new Taiga have glass/plastic eyes or painted on? They look like they are glass.

    I don’t suppose you’d consider ever selling another Taiga head . . .

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