Daisy and Clover photoshoot :)

Below is a photo of Clover, the little lambie hand puppet for 11-12 inch tall dolls —  he could also be a finger puppet for humans! Clover belongs to Daisy, a custom blythe doll more back story here.

I know Blythe dolls are not everyone’s cuppa tea, but since they got me started on my dolly obsession hobby, I really have no reason to not feature them every now and then, even tho I have started owning some other types of dolls, like Licca, Mamachapp, Dollfie Dream etc.  Today I am going to feature some current photos of my visiting blythe and her little companion, Daisy and Clover. Daisy currently belongs to a dear friend of mine living a few hours drive away, I originally conceptualised, customised and sew most of her outfit to enter a Blythe Beauty Contest held by CWC in Japan.

Lots more photos!

Clover sometimes like to hide on top of Daisy’s head as a prank, but then afterwards he couldn’t get down by himself :P

Also took a few photos of Daisy in one of her contest outfit :) Her hair is a little messy here but her expression is so cute and childlike to me :3

One of the things I love about blythes is that their expressions seems to change with a different angle, a different eye colour/angle :) So despite the lack of joints and posing capabilities, they seem to “speak” to me their moods :)

Doesn’t Daisy look kinda coy in the photo below? XD

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Meimi132 LOL man, I wished you wouldn’t mention creepy here! :P cos I put the actual images under cut with mention (warning really) that I have pix of blythe under it to be a bit considerate lol! Cos I don’t want people who feel uncomfortable with blythes to be slapped with a head on blythe photo ^^;

  2. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    Oh my god…. thats creepy…. I’ve seen some Blythes that arn’t creepy…. but its just their giant heads!!! Theres a distinctly Toy Story feel to them… like they’ve been made by that scary kid in it lol.
    Lovely hair and outfits though. And the sheep is mucho cute.

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