Test top for L bust and glasses

Today took a little time to do a test top (semi edited from my previous pattern made for the M bust). Still need a bit of tweaking in the bust area, but thankfully still wearable, had to hide a small flaw with the ribbon in front :P
Also dug out a couple pair of doll’s glasses I got the last time I went to Japan (intended for my 45cm MSD sized doll but too big for her, but too feminine for my 60cm boy doll).

I dunno, found that this pair of glasses made her look a bit more mature than I like? ^^; Maybe would suit better with school uniform or a plain top ^^; (think sexy teacher ^o^) One thing tho, this pair of glasses keep slipping off her nose!

A few more photos :D Warning, there’s a couple of cleavage photo right at the end, so you be warned ^^;

Made use of the laced edge to try out a type of sleeves I had been meaning to make also. The dark rimmed shades make her look quite fashionable no?

Such a sweet girl <3

couple sexy shots (non-nudity) coming right up ^^; *hands out tissue to stop nosebleed* :P

My husband was remarking he thinks he like the L bust, you’d wonder why huh :P LOL

Too bad this one is a little bit blurry :P

Thanks to Danny for enabling ^^; Very happy with Mirai Yukino chan <3!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Meimi132 XD it was just too darn easy to take those ahem shots! :P Someone *cough* remarked that if the ring fell in, it won’t be found ^^;

    Glad you like the top! I was worried it will be a bit too grandma-ish :P I really want to kick my butt to make some sewing for dolly tutorial, so will give U a holla when it’s ready-ish :)

  2. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    lol at cleavage shot.

    Love the ring necklace idea. Mucho cute. And the top is really pretty!! Wish I had the patience to make my own doll clothes lol.

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