Mail Loot for the dollies

A couple of beautiful hand made dresses arrived in the mail!  They are carefully made by joeykblythe and were meant for my Lati yellow dollies, but 2 other dolls actually jumped into them faster than speeding bullets ^^; Picture above was taken after I made those 2 take them off (you believe me? lol)

I’ve always like purchasing separates for my dolls, and if the outfit(s) fits more than one type of dolls, even better! :) This set of outfit is totally made for Lati yellows tho, since the torsos of Blythe and Obitsu (21 cm) is a bit longer, the little bloomers are showing more than intended when the dolls stand up! (oops)

I also particularly enjoy getting hand made clothing by many talented dolly seamstresses around the world once in a while. Since I make doll clothing myself, I could feel the hard work put in to sew tiny clothing. ^^; Many a times we also have to put other priorities ahead to making the clothing, so I salute those who do this full time and part time!

One of the dolls who “stole” I mean “borrowed” the outfit is Vivi! (LOL) She’s wearing “Roses are Yellow” dress set.
She also “borrowed” Clover the puppet Lamb from Daisy ^^;

Clover is a ladies man… or should I say Dollie’s man? ^^;


Button and Mouse looking pretty in the outfits :D

Button in “Roses are Pink” dress set! ^^

Details in focus

Three Blythe doll photos coming after this sentence, you be warned! :P (close your eyes and scroll down if you’re not fan of blythes :P)

Vivi get death stare? ^^;

Daisy couldn’t resist trying out the beautiful handmade outfit! too :)

Daisy is wearing a pair of re-ment shoes I traded with a kind friend ^O^

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