Adventures of Mokotan~ 4

Short one this time ^^;

After a busy day of errands, Mokotan felt hungry so we decided to have some snacks at Yaohan before continue to do grocery shopping ^^;

First you kill it… then you eat it… :P

De ja vu?

Takoyaki stabbing incident from before our move :P

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  1. Cel
    Cel says:

    Thanks so much for your advice. Now actively searching around for care tips / guide – Must take good care of my darlings forever ;) but kinda overwhelmed and confused by all the info…

  2. Cel
    Cel says:

    I have been reading all your entries about Mokotan and Vivi – they are so adorable and have really nice clothes. Now I’m waiting for my first Mamachapp dolls to arrive at my doorstep (was very lucky to find two favourite dolls and bought them despite burning my money lol) – SO HAPPY!!! Can all blythe clothes fit them? Being a beginner, I’m having difficulties getting new clothes for my 2 darlings (though they are not here yet lol) – Need some advice! Thanks much much…

    • chun
      chun says:

      Congratulations on your Mamachapps! How exciting I am looking forward to see them :) Not ALL blythe clothing fits them tho unfortunately, but clothes with collars, sleeves stretchy teeshirts generally fit. Pants probably do not fit unless they’re tights unfortunately. If a top/dress looks tight fitted around the shoulder on blythe, it is likely to better fit Mamachapp’s obitsu body. Hope this helps somehow! ^^

      • Cel
        Cel says:

        Thanks ^o^ My darlings came – Bunny Ver 2 and Alice in blue dress! Can’t take photos yet coz the memory card is full :( Besides blythe clothes, will also explore azone 23cm / pureneeno clothes ^o^ Any tips on how to take care of mamachapp dolls? I only know about brushing them with soft brush to remove dust and wiping them with wet cotton cloth to remove dirt. Can they get stained?

        • chun
          chun says:

          oooooh lucky! I really like the blond one of that couple :) and yikes, you may want to think about copying the photos from memory card into your computer? ^^;;

          As for care tips, When I take them out I try to wrap them in a white small towel (hand towel size is good) Their face is danger of staining easily — a friend’s mamachapp’s nose got stained before from being in a bag with black interior so try not to keep them too near dark clothing (bag, denim etc)

          Body is easier to replace if ever need to since it’s obitsu (But of course we try to avoid it ^^;

          Also try not to over wash or over brush the doll’s hair, it may make it dry and frizzy. The hair normally comes with just a tiny bit of industrial wax or oil to make it smooth and shiny, sometimes after a long time of play or due to dust it can become dry so normally I try not to over handle the hair of my dolls :) hope these might help!

  3. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Moko-tan=yandere? stabbing the takoyaki! Its important to make sure it is good and dead before consuming : She is ridiculously adorable in the striped sweater and jeans ^^

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