Our copy of Otacool – Worldwide Otaku Rooms arrived today ^o^

I was a bit worried when I ordered it as we were about to move around the time, but I felt like I just had to have a copy of it since my Mirai Yukino chan is on the cover (LOL) There are so many super cool rooms in it, and it’s great to see everyone’s collection of otaku goodies :) Thanks Danny for the chance to be in, even tho our room is not as impressive compared to a lot of them :3

Mirai says look there she is!

At that time, Mirin hasn’t gotten a face up, and Taiga wasn’t created yet… Time sure flies ^^;

Bonus sisters shot

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  1. Wolfheinrich
    Wolfheinrich says:

    It’s great to see all your girls together again! Just realize my girls are right next to Mirai’s pic! I wonder which photos did they used for my page T.T; I still don’t have a copy!

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