ASCII entry

Danny’s calling for ASCII entries for doll owners ^o^ I took the opportunity to take Aki out for photoshoot! ^^

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Coming soon…

I wish to thank namo san for kindly posting so many beautiful photos of his DD musume (I think it is a custom Yoko) wearing my sewing on d*d*mod here and here! I am so touched!!!  Thank you very much! ^o^!!

The items for online updates are coming soon, I swear! Here’s a couple sneak previews from omake of the product shots!

I was intending to finish taking product shots last friday, but I overshot my schedule when I was sewing the shorts for DDII =_=;;

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Taiga the donut angel

Taiga was feeling a little neglected as I was busy working my bigger Dollfie dream girls hard in preparation for the Doll Show.  When I made the teeshirts for Mai’s dolls, I noticed that the teeshirt for Mai’s Unoa will fit Taiga pretty well, so decided to let Taiga convince me to make some new tee shirts specially for her ^^;

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 11 – Sakura hunt

Ah has it been a while already since I last took just Taiga out? Anyhows, decided to quickly re-dress her and bring her out on a lovely day on a Sakura hunt! :D

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Our copy of Otacool – Worldwide Otaku Rooms arrived today ^o^

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