ASCII entry

Danny’s calling for ASCII entries for doll owners ^o^ I took the opportunity to take Aki out for photoshoot! ^^

While I was taking these shots, I heard some people remarking about “doll”… “large”… lol

Gotta love the fall’s colours! :)

Sweet Aki ^o^

Took a risk and balanced Aki on the trolley for plants :P The ground was kinda wet so it was a bit scary, don’t want her to fall into the puddle of water ^^;

Next time I may try to dress her up in stronger colours ^^

Halloween is coming so many shops already have their Halloween decoration up!

Some point in time Aki joined us for a quick snack at a bubble tea place XD Aki

We ordered an upsized glass jelly milk tea, and spicy chicken nuggets combo, it came with a free green tea jelly dessert in a bowl of sweetened milk ^^

While running some errands, came across some cute houses XD this one reminds me of Snow white for some reason, had to put Aki there for a photo ^^;

Too bad we were losing light fast and running out of time so I did not take more pictures ^^;

One of the requirement is to have a photo taken with our doll so I bugged my husband to help me out ^^; (thanks 老公!)  Luckily the weather cooperated for a little bit, which is just enough to take some shots and pick a couple out :P

The picture above did not make the cut but I kinda like it after small editing ^^; Thanks for looking :)

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  1. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    What is this ASCII thingy? First thing that comes to mind is programming code. o_O?

    And if they think Aki’s a large doll.. I wonder’s what people will think of Sasara.. or may be Asa.

    And them boots be huuuuge! where’d you get them?

    • chun
      chun says:

      oh it’s Weekly Ascii magazine publication? ^^ For the curvier girls usually the remarks will be on the busts ^^; Boots from ebay, be warned tho, the buckle is just plastic with silver paint, mine already started to chip when I got it ^^; but otherwise they look okay in pix ^^

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