Been a while since I seriously taken some blythe doll adventure pix ^^; When I was on a family cruise I had to bring a girl with me, and Jeannie was the most appropriately dressed for the occassion, so I just grabbed her along ^^;

It was kinda cloudy when we board the ship, thankfully it cleared up ^o^

Nice to be in the sun ^^

It’s quite windy sometimes tho ^^;

Fun wall painting ^^

Umi! (Sea)

Waiting for breakfast ^^

Interrupted a game of huge chess :P

The pieces are bigger than a blythe doll ^^;

Jeannie looks a bit afraid of the ice cream lol

Non doll pix of the cruise here ^^/

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5 Responses to Blythe on a cruise

  1. whyiloveacting says:

    cute! I love her!

  2. kmyk says:

    the picture with her against the chess piece is priceless! She’s adorable (and I’m not a fan of blythes :P )

  3. Arayden says:

    XD More tiny adventures :d

    Btw. Miooooo dollfie ( i guess it is using a random head mold :d )

  4. yamada says:

    she’s small Chun ^^

  5. […] one of my blythe dolls with me to the trip :) If you like to see the pictures, they can be found here. […]

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