Taiga Aisaka goes out 10 – Pumpkin patch

Happy Halloween! This was taken way before of course, I had to schedule it on Halloween since it was about pumpkin hunting :)

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 9 – Steveston

Ara! A pumpkin!

By now I probably won’t have much time to reply to/approve comments, (internet will be limited today) will catch up when we’re a bit more settled in ^^;/

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 3

Mokotan’s autumn adventures :D

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 7 – Granville Island

Autumn seems a bit late this year ^^; On another cold chilly afternoon, Taiga got to hang out for a bit at Granville Island with us :) It was mostly cloudy that day but for a moment the skies cleared up and hence we managed to get some pretty nice photos :D

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 6 – Richmond Oval at night

Almost forgot that I have this bunch of photos on backlog ^^; I wa hesitating about taking her out at night as a lot of my photos of dolls taken at night does not always turn out very well.

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Ball joint doll meet 3

A very mini doll meet :) on my last day helping at my friend’s shop ^^;

From left to right: Mouse (Lati yellow cookie), Button (Lati yellow Lami) and Sybil (Lati yellow Miel)

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 5 – Chinese Garden Vancouver

I took her out a lot between errands for our new home, so here’s another bunch of pictures via slow release :P

Note: for this camouflage printed jacket, the black part stained Taiga’s neck after she wore it over a few days ^^; just want to make a mental note of it so I won’t let her wear it without something inside next time ^^; So if I ever make something with it in future I’ll definitely have to line it o_o;

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LUTS wigs

A friend and I placed a small order for wigs and a couple items which we were curious about, the order arrived quickly and safely in about 6 working days (not counting weekends). The box is packed with some crumpled newspaper as padding which was removed before the photo below.

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