Autumn seems a bit late this year ^^; On another cold chilly afternoon, Taiga got to hang out for a bit at Granville Island with us :) It was mostly cloudy that day but for a moment the skies cleared up and hence we managed to get some pretty nice photos :D

Taiga is being worked hard as her sisters are packed away :P

But these photos I really treasure very much since they are so vibrant and colourful and definitely records a fleeting moment of the season :)

She was trying to convince me that we need to get a hammock for her to relax at the new place :P I was worried that the colours of the string may stain her so gotta think about it ^^; (Sorry Taiga!)

Many sightings of berries ^^;

Red leaves! Autumn is here, check!

I think I was taking some photos around this area and someone came up and asked where did I get her from :P We were kinda in a slight hurry (Thanks to paid parking lol) so I said the internet ^^; The person remarked, ah yes she doesn’t see any of these kinda dolls being sold locally :P

Gotta love the colourful flowers around the area :D

Wonder if climbing the stairs will make Taiga grow taller?

When we were about to leave, came across this building which has some fountain structure which reminds me of waterfall ^^;

By this time the skies were hidden by grey clouds ^^;

Thank you for viewing! Hope you are enjoying the series of  Taiga’s adventures! :)

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20 Responses to Taiga Aisaka goes out 7 – Granville Island

  1. missvampirecookie says:

    She is so cute in pigtails! adorable!and the area you were at looks nice to ^^

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Twin tails Tiaga = WIN. Really love how she looks on the last picture.

  3. kmyk says:

    I’m just starting to put 2 and 2 together. Those overalls were made by Mai, weren’t they? and she’s the same Mai that helped with Glacier Lily. ^___^ I love her jewellry work haha. And since she is getting a JID girl soon, I would suspect that she will be making things for JID girls soon enough. Makes me think I should get my JID I girl….

    I need a project to work on right now so I would like to crochet a hammock for your girls. Let me know if you are interested. :) And about the staining, if you use acrylic yarn, it’s washable so they shouldn’t stain!

    • chun says:

      lol and yes those overalls are made by Mai’s skillful hands ^o^ And yup she’s the Glacier Lily’s co-mom ;P Didn’t know you’re getting a JID girl! Heehee Thanks so much again for offering to make a hammock! :) I hope will be able to find a spot to hang a hammock for the dollies :3

  4. Pinkwing11 says:

    Wow :o Beautiful area ^^ And once again Taiga looks nice and warm in yet another sweater :) The last pic is sooo cute :D
    It sounds like you guys have a whole new adventure ahead! Hope you have fun ^^

    • chun says:

      Seriously tho the weather helped tons in making the photos look spectacular! :) Taiga’s not sure if she’s lucky or unlucky, having to go out means getting roughed up quite a bit ^o^;

  5. yamada says:

    She looks cute on last pic :)

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