Autumn seems a bit late this year ^^; On another cold chilly afternoon, Taiga got to hang out for a bit at Granville Island with us :) It was mostly cloudy that day but for a moment the skies cleared up and hence we managed to get some pretty nice photos :D

Taiga is being worked hard as her sisters are packed away :P

But these photos I really treasure very much since they are so vibrant and colourful and definitely records a fleeting moment of the season :)

She was trying to convince me that we need to get a hammock for her to relax at the new place :P I was worried that the colours of the string may stain her so gotta think about it ^^; (Sorry Taiga!)

Many sightings of berries ^^;

Red leaves! Autumn is here, check!

I think I was taking some photos around this area and someone came up and asked where did I get her from :P We were kinda in a slight hurry (Thanks to paid parking lol) so I said the internet ^^; The person remarked, ah yes she doesn’t see any of these kinda dolls being sold locally :P

Gotta love the colourful flowers around the area :D

Wonder if climbing the stairs will make Taiga grow taller?

When we were about to leave, came across this building which has some fountain structure which reminds me of waterfall ^^;

By this time the skies were hidden by grey clouds ^^;

Thank you for viewing! Hope you are enjoying the series of  Taiga’s adventures! :)

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20 Responses to Taiga Aisaka goes out 7 – Granville Island

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Taiga is definitely the most adventurous of all of your girls! Do I detect a slight favoritism here or not :P (yeah I know all other other girls are packed away but it’s fun to tease :D)

    • chun says:

      lol well I guess in a way I bonded with her a bit more since I did more work on her face :) and I really enjoyed tora dora ^o^ When we settle in the big girls will have more airtime tho ;D

  2. More pretty pictures ^^. Taiga certainly gets to go out a lot :D

  3. rockleelotus says:

    wahhh waving Taiga is so cute! and love the pig tails, the red autumn leaves match her ribbons. thanks for sharing Taiga’s adventures with us! ^_^

  4. ResearcheDD says:

    Love the ribbons, very cute!

    My favorite picture here has to be the sunflower picture with Taiga looking extra cute.

  5. kodomut says:

    New Ribbons. Darn cute!

    Taiga is the Columbus of the doll world with all these explorations!

    • chun says:

      old new ribbons lol! If I ever go to Japan or SG again I hope to take her (despite the risks :P) then that will really be columbus of the doll world lol!

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