Dream doll house!

Okay it’s not really a doll house, I believe it’s one of those “play house” for children but everytime I pass by that kindergarten I look longingly at the house, thinking it’s perfect for dollfie dream!

It’s too big and unpractical for us to actually own a “house” of that size unfortunately :P

I still have not muster up enough balls to go ask the people who work at/own the place for me to take a few quick photos unfortunately and today when I went to run a quick errand when the weather was decent, this was as close as I got with Himitsu (without asking for permission) lol!

Balancing Himitsu on Strida Mini to take a couple more shots lol

Seriously it’s the most awesome house ever! :P

Another example of an awesome doll house/apartment, check out Yu chan’s blog XD

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  1. Yu Chann
    Yu Chann says:

    Chun nee-san!! Thank you for the referral. Himitsu-chan is so cool in the hoodie and hot pants. Play house looks great too. Maybe one day you can get to take photos inside. About my home, Papa couldn’t decide if he should add in MK III expansion. It will be too huge. But then… we need a room for Moe Chann too. >_<"

    • chun
      chun says:

      you welcome~! It was a kinda half warm half cold day, so Himitsu had to wear the hoodie otherwise I cannot let her go out LOL Moe chan cannot share room with Yu? (she too playful? XD)

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    Yeah, I wish I had that kind of space and money too… it would be so awesome to have a full set up for the girls… but I imagine that the cats would take it over and get their annoying cat fuzz all over the furniture and then I’d get exasperated and just give up and it would become the world’s most elaborate kitty house. LOL

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