Adventures with Aki 3

Aki is so photogenic! :P

I went out to run some errands on Strida Mini and since it’s a beautiful day I decided okay I should try to bring a doll out despite it being somewhat windy.

I’m  so glad I did bring her out as I managed to take some decent photos despite some being a bit overexposed ^^;

When I was squatting around taking photos of her, a curious old man came by and remarked, “You’re taking pictures?” I said yea lol

Prickly Pear garden center always have beautiful plants and makes for a wonderful background :)

Aki is a flower among the flowers ;)

Went to a different spot closer to the water, it was very windy ^^;

Aki fell once during this shot >_<

But she still looks beautiful XD

Even with wind created ahoge lol

Thank you Aki for coming into my life!

ETA: Discovered another mini “house” for kids, looks like this corner has been turned into a child care facility, almost trespassed by accident lol

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