Merry Christmas 2011!

Seems that we’re not going to have a white Christmas this year (which is fine to me actually :P) But we did have some frosty mornings ^^;

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Feeling festive?

Inspired by ARAEL‘s beautiful and sexy Christmas photos, decided to take some time to make some Christmas themed outfits for pix ^^;

And oh to make the Santa hat yourself in all sizes, here’s a tutorial I made a few years ago ^o^/

A bit rushed, since Christmas is coming up very very soon!

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Airi Dollfie Dream

So by now some of you probably had guessed, we brought a new girl home when we were in Japan… ^^; It wasn’t intentional, trust me ^^;;;

We were staying in Nakano and was dangerously close to Nakano Broadway ^^;

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Aki at Shinjuku Koen

Supplies! (25 Nov 2011)

Moar photos taken in Japan, the strange thing is there’s always a paradox feeling with regards to our favorite place – Japan, I thought I took a lot of photos, bought a lot of things, yet when I look back it just doesn’t feel enough?!

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Taiga at Showa Kinen Koen

Sorry for a delay in updates, have some work I needed to catch up and still battling jet lag and a slight sickness.

Here are photos taken on a Saturday (26 Nov 2011) when we hung out with some friends who kindly took us to Showa Kinen Koen at our last minute suggestion ^^;

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Taiga in Osaka

Sorry for taking a while, this time it felt that jet lag got better of me when I return, and the cold winter weather in Canada did not help ^^;

During some point in time of the trip, I felt guilty neglecting Taiga so I re-dressed her and took her out when we went to Osaka! (21 Nov 2011)^o^ It was my husband’s first time in Osaka and my 2nd time in many many years ^^; But the time when I visited Osaka, it was more like a passing thru type visit so it was good to take our time to a certain extent and explore the area :)

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NagatoPyon in Japan

Cannot believe I’m already back in Canada… ^^;

Still have a lot of photos to post, but I should post about my meet (24 Nov 2011) with the lovely NagatoPyon and her partner who’s currently studying in Japan!

The first night we hung out, she brought her kawaii Yumi chan! ^o^ Thank you Sas-chan for kindly asking the volks shop attendant about taking a quick photo in their display booth :3 It was probably our record speed booth photo so far XD (maybe under 5 minutes?!) Also thanks for taking us to the yummy pizza place, must go back again in future when we’re in Japan!

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