Taiga at Showa Kinen Koen

Sorry for a delay in updates, have some work I needed to catch up and still battling jet lag and a slight sickness.

Here are photos taken on a Saturday (26 Nov 2011) when we hung out with some friends who kindly took us to Showa Kinen Koen at our last minute suggestion ^^;

Near the entrance of the koen, there’s some beautiful Gingko trees which the leaves have turned a beautiful golden colour, unfortunately some of them were already quite bare, but the sun falling on the golden leaves was magnificent!

Gingko leaves are like fan shaped :D and it’s name reminds us of our cat Ginko :P


We were lucky that the sky was relatively clear and had a hint of blue :)

Taiga is pleased that I dressed her up for photos :P

The koen is rather huge ^^; quite a lot of area to cover on foot, there were many people taking an evening stroll, and walking their (adorable and generally well behaved) dogs :D we even came across a couple out and about taking photos of their ferret! Too bad we were there about an hour plus before closing (oops) so we had to hurry!

Very lucky to come across some beautiful red maple leaves just before the sun set!

Thanks Fabrice for letting us know about this Koen which we probably should have tried to stay a bit longer at ^o^;> I realised that dans took some very beautiful photos there before as well when I was doing some quick research earlier that day~! XD

Miss you already, Japan!

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  1. moxiefella
    moxiefella says:

    Thanks, Ill be checking often. Are you able to give an estimate on when you think that is going to happen?

    • chun
      chun says:

      I’m unfortunately more busy during the holiday season with family related activities so it may be latest next year ^^; I usually post updates on twitter tho :) (that’s generally the fastest way to get a heads up about an update) I may post an ebay auction time to time as well, in case you’re remotely interested ^^;

  2. moxiefella
    moxiefella says:

    Hi, Im looking forward to getting my girls into some of your beautiful clothing items, when do you think the shop will be available to do so?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest, currently items are being prepared for next update, I’m only one person doing everything so may take a while before it’s ready ^^; sorry for inconvenience caused~

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