Micro Blythe Meet through a rain cloud

Had another record breaking Blythe meet with a friend (and her little boy) who happened to be in the area when it seems that the weather was holding up…

I wrote this on my flickr photo here:

So today (16 Oct 2012) I had a last minute mini meet with a Blythe friend and just when I was about to step out it started raining…

I contemplated if I should go, but my friend does not have a cell phone and I kinda didn’t want her and her kid to walk in the rain and not see me at the place we were going to meet at, so when the rain lightened momentarily, I decided to bike out on Strida mini.

Who knew not even half way there the rain started coming down in buckets (LOL)!! I contemplated turning back as I was quite drenched when I found a shelter to hide under, but I also saw a break of sunlight from the rain clouds as I was caught in the rain and decided, screw it! I am already out there I should just get my butt there and make the best of it XD

I had to laugh when I got to the spot it was actually SUNNY! And I was somewhat glad to see Jen (my friend) walking towards me probably in disbelief that I went despite the downpour LOL I heard she and her son were also caught in the downpour! We got trolled by that rain cloud! Luckily my jacket was water proof and I was at least dry inside, while the jacket looked completely wet outside my pants and helmet gloves and bag were soaked thru LOL! What an experience :P

After that we checked out the toy shop(where we met up at) and went for mini donuts and hot chocolate to warm up :) Jen’s son was a little sunshine as well ;D hopefully the next time we meet it won’t be as crazy!!

Belinda at the Outpost Mini Donuts, dress by Superjunk, Hooded Jacket by Keera (Ichigoichigo), grey tights by me :3

Walking about for photos :D

Came across a HUGE spider >_<;

Run for the hills!!!! :P

Belinda was in shock ;P She took a ride on my helmet ^^;

It was a short meet ^^; had to head back home to make dinner! Luckily the rain stopped then ^^;

Thanks for looking!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      It was so not fun being pelted in the rain on my little bike lol I need to wipe poor Strida Mini down now XD And yes that spider *shivers* >_<

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