Blythe Con Portland – Thank you!

Blythe con 20 june 2011 flew by quickly! I’m still in disbelief that it’s over! At the same time I thank all the hardworking organizers, attendees, vendors, sponsors and everyone who made it possible!

I do have some items left over but currently Candapost is on strike so I cannot sell overseas it until they’re back in operation… Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Also thank Killertomato (Yuki), for suggesting we share a booth in the first place, Bluestarbaby (Jade) who roomed with me and was a great pleasure to hang out with! Otherwise I might have just missed this Blythe con (due to sheer terror LOL)!

I took a LOT of photos, so if you’re interested in blythes and the people who love blythes, please do check this link for all photos I tagged with blytheconportland, also you can check out the BlytheCon 2011 flickr group for photos from everyone who attended!

I will also pick selected photos which I love to showcase in no particular order in this post :)

Our room at Ace hotel, each and every room is different! I’m glad we got a rather neat room, I enjoyed living there, despite choppy internet during some of the times. By the end of the 5 days tho I’m ready to go home :P It’s a little troublesome to have to get a key to use the bathroom outside LOL!

Himitsu was pointing everywhere throughout the trip :P

Bluestarbaby (Jade)’s set up ^^

Many creative ways to carry the dolls around :D

Many of us are friends who talked online for years, some we met for the first time at this con, or have met a few years back elsewhere :)

Early peeps catches the clothes of their choice! We heard that some people started queuing up 3 hours ahead!

On our way to the hotel, we stopped briefly for a photo XP

Himitsu helped out at my booth lol

We had about 20 minutes to set up, so I was a bit glad my set up was quite simple, but I had to do some last minute labeling lol

Jade’s sweet Neris was there to help at her booth too!

Belinda, my red hair kenner hangs out with SuperJunk (Melissa)’s girls in the super cool carrier bag :3

Curry and Pietra, a couple of my favorite customs by my favorite doll peeps Melissa and Paul of puchicollective <3

The day before the actual Blythe Con, we attended an Early bird meet organised by Lynne (Happibug)

Meeting old friends and new people, quite overwhelming ^^; I ended up not talking to everyone unfortunately, or got a bit awkward as the afternoon wore on ^^; Sorry about that!

Many awesome custom girls!

Cute bags XD (even tho I’m more a badtz maru person than hello kitty ;P)

This girl caught my attention and stole my heart!!! She’s a beautiful custom girl by G♥Baby ^o^/

Neris so pretty!

After the meet Jade and I got a sandwich and sweet potato fries to share… so yummy, even our dollfie girls wanted some :P

I think this has to be my favorite sandwich so far! It goes very well with the sweet potato fries. The sandwich place is right at Director’s Park, I believe it’s called Violetta :)

It was my first time in Portland, and Bluestarbaby (Jade) had already been to Portland a few times, so I was rather dependent on her to get around (oops) but I have quite a bad sense of direction as well so I am very thankful that I had a guide who share similar interests!

We see many mustaches for sale… It was amusing! come to think of it maybe I should have bought some as souvenirs :P

Jade wore a bright colours so I won’t miss her lol

We were taking public transit – via streetcar, to get around on Saturday and was directed to 23rd street by a friendly local waiting at one of the stops :) He also recommended Papa Hayden, which we enjoyed very much!

I think Himitsu already decided what she wants to eat…

Champagne cake :9~

Chocolate macaroon with mint and chocolate chip ice-cream (Jade finished it cos I found it too sweet lol)

After food abuse, we went and walk a bit more as the weather started to turn nicer — it was drizzling most of the day before…

Really enjoyed shooting Himitsu! :)

The paper source had so much evil temptations :P but unfortunately by now me and Jade are feeling kinda ouch from our shopping so we walked out buying nothing!!!

When did Yuki open a restaurant and didn’t tell us?!?!?! :P

flowers display, real or fake?

Gorgeous day

I think Himitsu had a great time, so did I! :)  I felt bad when I was sewing a lot for the Blythe Con, and the dollfie girls were neglected >_<

Himitsu was a trooper for hanging in my bag like this :P

Water park near Saturday Market

Bought this pop up flash diffuser for my DSLR camera, cos it’s a bit cheaper and no tax :P hope to try it out sometime — we tested it quickly with Jade’s camera ^^

Okay I have photos from some of the days before and after the con to go thru next! Thanks for looking!

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    So many photos! So many happenings! Kinda like AX too, eh? ^^ Interesting hotel room… I guess it’s really cheap this way? At least Himitsu get to go too even though her head is not bigger than her body ;)

  2. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    Hehe my friend meet you at Blythe Con and was telling me about you. How nice your doll clothes were, and how I’d probably like dolls similar to yours and then when she mentioned your site. I already knew you a little from before and we all live in BC…It’s a small world.

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehe there were questions etc, a few people got to held the girls to see the weight etc, and people remarked that the girls are big in person lol!

    • chun
      chun says:

      it was really awesome! I met people I met a while back (like years!) and some of them I known online for years and met for first time! It was really intense LOL!

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