Trading card

Someone was making rounds in the house and almost stepped on something ^^;

Taiga: *picks up* ??

Taiga: Hmmm it’s not for me! Who left it lying around the house?!?! Guwaaaaaa!!!!!

Thanks Gordonator for the ! (lol) ^^; Mail feeling rather sluggish this month ^^; Haven’t gotten some things which I am kinda expecting in the mail just yet o_o;  Probably slow to arrive due to xmas rush ^^; Also it seems that postmen don’t deliver on weekends here ;_;

You buy/expecting anything in the mail in December? Is mail slow in your area?

Bonus: Taiga(s) accompanying me in the sewing sweat shop ^^;

Mokotan working hard ^^;

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I think the current area with live in it’s a bit slowerer than our previous place ^^; But well I can wait, just gotta keep track to make sure everything gets here eventually ^^;

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