Mini Yukata length adjusted

Was adjusting the pattern again, this final version is a bit longer than the previous one worn by Aki in DDII L-bust body ^^; so not as much of a sexy tease perhaps? :P

Himitsu in DDII M-bust and Nyanko DDdy body is wearing  Mini yukata made with exact same final pattern ^^/ As you can see, due to the bust size difference the Yukatas appear to be different length when being worn…

I ran out of the red fabric for Obi and running out of another material so was unable to complete a bow for the 2nd belt… have to go and get some more soon… ^^;

Himitsu and Nyanko were annoyed at me for not taking more photos of them ^^;

This week seems a bit warmer, feels like summer… I wore a yukata before, and it is actually very warm to wear one in the summer x_x So I hope this mini yukata will help my girls feel a little cooler :P

The opening of the yukata can be adjusted to open up for a sexier look on a hot summer day :P

Be warned… may make you feel even hotter ^^;

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