Dollybird 14 – Dollfie Dream pattern

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a copy of Dollybird 14, which has a couple patterns for Dollfie Dream DDII M-bust body. Finally had a chance to test something out…

Mirai Yukino chan is in DDII M-bust body specially for this dress – I decided to feature her since I feel that this dress suits someone with dark hair and brown eyes better ;) Also let Aki take a break lol!

In Dollybird 14, there’s patterns princess style dress with lace up details, and a maid outfit. I decided to use the bodice pattern for the inner dress of the princess style dress to see how it worked out for an idea I had.

Result? The bust area turned out a bit loose ^^; I had to put a spare strapless bikini top I made a while back, to pad up the M-bust LOL!

Also the hmmm bust area turned out a bit pointy XD

I think why this happened is mainly because maybe difference in materials used, and the way I sew is possibly different from the creator of the pattern.

Also unfortunately the back part of the straps was not fitting properly — not how I like it… some places bunched up a bit :P and cut into the shoulder at the back (oops)

I may revisit this sewing pattern later, for something else, BUT will probably use an older pattern I made from scratch before to do my original idea of the summer dress I had in mind…

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed seeing this set of photos of Mirai Yukino chan :3

mmm pointy… lol

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Yukari
    Yukari says:

    is there any way you would be able to share the pattern with us?
    I haven’t been able to find a copy of the book :(

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