Today my Nyanko had a date with mailittlealien‘s Yoko Dollfie Dream XD

Mai’s Yoko’s “special edition” outfits are a welcome home present from us ^o^, and also big thanks for helping me sell my sewing at Doll show in Japan.  Domo arigato Mai and sister!

Good news is, the materials used does not seem to stain. I tested the fabrics a few days by wrapping it over a spare bust piece I have ^^/ The only problem is they stretched a little when I sew, as the material is not 100% cotton, so the fit is a bit different ^^;/

I was so glad when Mai decided to adopt Yoko DD, it means she might make some cool jeans for Dollfies (at least for Dynamite body) in future! Exciting! :3

But the other main reason is I really like Yoko DD too! :) Nyanko <3

Nyanko is very pleased to meet her twin/double :3

While we walked about taking photos, we had quite a bit of stares, it was rather funny :P A guy actually came up, asked about our dolls and remarked they’re very busty LOL!

They had lots to talk about and want to meet again sometime XD

Double the trouble?

Or double the fun?


Thank you for your hospitality! Mai <3 :D They’re sitting on a huge sofa made by Matin sensei – it has a lot of pieces o_o! It’s a work of art!!!

Nyanko brought the headphones for Yoko to try XD Nice match ne? ^o^ Today we tested the headphones and it really plays music XD it’s funny :P

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy our Yokos XD

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18 Responses to Double Yokos

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Two girls are better than one.

  2. Mia says:

    Is that sign suppost to say bladers ^^;
    Lovely dolls and pics btw.~

  3. Pinkwing11 says:

    they really play music??? thats awesome! :D

  4. Miette-chan says:

    Looks like a fun outing, must be fun going out with a fellow DD owner. I can’t still get past the fact the headphones do work.

  5. Smithy says:

    Lovely photos of your Yoko DD’s. They look terrific posed together like that together. ^^

    There indeed is something special about Yoko, she really has a certain aura about her that but a few DD have (Saber has it too). When I look at my DD Yoko am often struck how cute and mesmerizing she is.

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