Adventures of Mokotan~ 8

Yesterday I got out to deliver my items to Mai chan ^o^(she’s on the plane as I write this XD)

I managed to sneak Mokotan into my bag as it was a really beautiful day, how can I not even try to bring a little doll with me for photoshoot? Flowers above are Forget Me Nots ^^

Mokotan take the opportunity to introduce the colours of spring XD

Also I guess Mokotan felt a bit neglected as I had been catching up with sewing (as with my other dolls :P)

So cute <3

So glad that we had a little time to take a quick stroll around, the area is just bursting with colours!

Does she look lost here? But it’s actually a sweet discovery of what looks to me like Lily of the Valley flowers, so adorable!

Mai chan took Owen out, I picked him out because he’s looking dashing in a suit :P

Flower matches bag… strap lol

Spot the frog… lol he’s suntanning XD

Brown-ish clover leaves

Bluebells flourishing!

Omake time~~~ photos of the photos I printed for Mai to bring as give outs :3 I forgot to print Nyanko’s photo ;_; I’m so terrible!!!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Mokotan looks pretty cute, makes me think of a child just playing outside. That hat and bag look pretty nice, may be I should think of getting some accessories.

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