Puppy Love x Mai Little Alien

When Mai (Mai Little Alien) asked me to help her make some basic white tee shirts for her doll kids’s promotional display for Doll show, of course I said yes!  Today Mai brought her doll kids over for fitting and impromptu photoshoot.

I felt very lucky that Mai asked me to contribute some sewing when she realised she was able to book a couple spots with JET SET for the Doll show 28 ^o^!  By the way I did not forget about some of the wonderful and patient online folks who I have kept waiting for a while, I’m definitely gonna keep a few sets to put online too when I am done! :)

Planning of the iron on, these teeshirts are display/promotional materials only until we fix the iron on cracking problem, I think Mai is intend to do some searching in Japan to find a better iron on transfer which won’t crack so easily (Otsukaresama Mai!)

It was a lot of fun deciding the designs :D

Each teeshirt’s fastening at the back is slightly different, kinda experimental as well on my end ^^;

This top below is made for Unoa small bust, it actually fits MDD quite okay, so I will probably be making Taiga something later :P

Most of the teeshirts have to be pulled over the head/neck of the dolls wearing it.

Except for this one below, where the velcro goes almost all the way to the bottom at the back, making it easiest to put on.

I had to take in the bottom teeshirt a bit, as the material stretched a bit as I sew, also I made the teeshirt a bit too loose in the first place as I never met the doll (a SDGr: Okita Soji) in person before.  I figure, you can always make a bigger shirt smaller, but not the other way round…

Do you sense a subliminal message in the design below?

It’s very exciting to see the shirts completed.  It’s quite simple to make a basic teeshirt, but there’s a need to do fitting every time something is adjusted to make sure it fits just right :)

Mai in action :D

Yamato san and his kids? ^^; He’s so tall!!!

Eloping lovers? LOL Yuzuki (girl) and Daiya (boy) ^^

Please excuse the slight distortion from my camera ^^; All photos are taken with Lumix LX3

Mai’s kids are great models :D

Unoa poses very well and with ease ^o^

Yamato ^o^ I want this teeshirt for me! lol

The DD girls came out to hang with Yamato ^^; legs up to heavens!

Mai and I were seriously LOLing as we took these photos XD

Yamato couldn’t make up his mind? Nyanko looks like she’s about to escape, Himitsu is all for the camera and Mirai looks worried neh? LOL

I worked with Mai and Yuki before on a Blythe Beauty Contest entry last year, our entry Glacier Lily got into the semi finals :)  It was a great experience being able to make something together with like minded people!  Thanks Mai for allowing me to work with you! ^O^

Mai kindly brought some doll size pastries from Capers for Mokotan, Mokotan LOVES sweet stuff ;P  It was delicious I am sure, and so are the human sized ones ^^; Mokotan and cakes reminds me of taitan-san of taitan-no.net ^o^/

I have to share the few pastries photos because they’re so awesome :) I was going “Mmmmmmmm” every bite XD

I ate this, it was very good, very refreshing! XD

Beautiful, like spring!

PS: Mai, I hope you and Jon like the cakes from Diplomat Bakery too XD

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