Before I post photos, I must say this session I had some silly hiccups before I took the photos…

First, I forgot keys to the door, couldn’t get out… Then I realised I don’t have battery in my camera, and third, I don’t have memory card… THEN I realised the battery I took with me from upstairs, was drained… (LOL!!!!) I think there’s more stuff which I forgot to do before I could actually successfully take any photos, so I ran up and down the stairs more than 5 times to get everything in order :P

Anyways, hope you like the photos!
Disclaimer, no dollies or snowman was harmed in the taking of these photos ^^;

Vivi: It’s so cold! Can we go back now?

Me: good idea ^^;

I’ll link up a couple older simple tutorials for dolls from last christmas for this upcoming festive season.
xmas stocking
xmas hat

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2 Responses to Vivi in the snow

  1. puppy52doll says:

    gordon lol very small one ^^;

  2. gordon says:

    snowman needs some eyes, a mouth and a carrot nose. ^^;

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